Friday, June 11, 2010

Double eyelids & falsies in action!

Hi everyone! I just want to show you guys some before & after pictures! Not before & after surgeries, thank you!
We don't need surgeries to beautify ourselves these days!!!

My eyes without any enhancement!

With make up ( picture from last year so please excuse the smokey look!)

With a little help:

I am using a crisscross style eyelashes I got from ebay - please see my new eyelashes haul

Here I am using a pair of eyelashes from Diaso
#3, the one in the middle of the picture from my i-heart-falsies post.

Here I am wearing Model 21 #4 (See my i-heart-falsies post). Still by far my favourite brand.

I know my natural eyelashes are visible in these pictures, slightly visible. This is because I don't use mascara to combine my real lashes with the falsies. I have very short and soft and light eyelashes naturally. And they are so weak that they don't like mascara (they told me!!!). So I don't use mascara after I've put on my falsies. Unless you zoom in to the picture or like hug me, no one can really tell that I have natural eyelashes...(yes its that bad). I remember when I was young I would tried every thing to make them curl up (so that they can look longer). My conclusion is that nothing work better than falsies.

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