Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Brushes

This month I've picked up a few new brushes from Sephora. And I want to show you guys some of my favourite brushes.

From Sephora, I present you Tarina Tarantino brush set $85 CDN i think ($69 US)

From top to bottom: Powder brush, Pigment brush, smudge brush, crease brush, eyeliner brush.
I absolutely love the powder brush, it is big, dense and extremely soft.
Pigment brush, I haven't try it yet since I am not a huge fan of pigments (yet)!
Smudge brush does a decent job. Dense and tight.
Crease brush does a great job like Mac 217.

From Sephora too, I present you Sephora Collection i.t. brush!

From top to bottom: Foundation brush, angled brush, concealer brush, medium shader brush.
I haven't used the foundation brush and the angled brush much yet.
THe concealer brush is really good. Just a little hard to clean. I had to use my Shu Uemura brush cleaner.
The medium shader is one of my favourite brush already! It is quite dense and always pick up a decent amount of powder.

From top to bottom: Armani foundation brush, Nars blush brush, Mac 263, Japanese eyebrow brush, Bare Essential pigment brush, Tarte eyeshadow brush, Sonia Kashun eyeliner brush & smudge brush
I love my Armani brush. Before I got the new Tarina Powder brush, I would use this brush for loose powder too, for better coverage. (maybe like $50)
Nars brush, I don't need to say more. It was one of my all time favourite. I had it for years. But I think it is not as dense as most of my other brush blush. And I like to use angled blush for brush now. But it is a good brush. Weighted good and always get the job done. (maybe like $60)
Mac 263, I used to use it with my gel liner. But ever since I got my hand of a bobbi brown eyeliner brush, I have been using the 263 for powder liner. And sometimes for my eyebrow. ($15ish)
Bare Essential eyeshadow brush came with the foil eye box set. It gets the job done, but I found that I have to clean like very often because it captures a lot of dust comparing to my other brushes.
Tarte double ended eyeshadow brush came with a palette. I love it a lot. It is very soft. Good for not so precise eye makeup, since the brush is kinda big.
Sonia Kashun brushes! I love them! They are definitely good value. Got them from Target. I made sure I go check out their Sonia Kashun section every time I go to Target. The white one came with a travel set.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I heart falsies

My collection so far...

The one on the left is my Make up forever falsies, no idea what style it is. Got it from Sephora. Love the glue but I've lost it already.
The one in the middle is from Sephora. Like $9. Completely waste of money. Never used it.
The ones on the right are my new Quo falsies. They are an exclusive brand from Shoppers Drug Mart of Canada. Their lashes are pretty good, hand made, transparent band, sterilized human hair. Like $7. 803 is my favourite. I got 805 with the glue in a package for $9. The glue is the worst glue ever. Not only was it a waste of money, it hurt my real lashes trying to clean it off. The glue is definitely one of my most regretted purchase in 2010. Another thing, these lashes won't give you double eyelids. I naturally have single eyelids but when I wear falsies I will get double eyelids. Its like a miracle. I will post pictures in the future. But yeah, these Quo falsies didn't give me any double eyelids.

Model 21 # 17 on the left & # 4 on the right. They are Vietnamese false eyelashes. According to some sellers, they are sterilized human hair, but they look like synthetic to me. Model 21 is pretty popular on ebay. I got mine from a local seller on craigslist, $10 for the 20 pairs. Pretty good deal. Pretty good quality too. I like #4 the most. Can't wait to put them on!

Here are my Daiso falsies. For those of you don't know what Daiso is, they are a chain dollar store from Japanese. Prices begins at $2 to $10. And there is one in Vancouver =)
So #1 is a 5 pairs package I got for $6.50. Looks great with smokey eyes.
#2 is a long and dark criss-cross style, $2. #3 is 2 pairs of falsies in a package, $2. Very natural looking. Great for work!
#4 is my favourite. I didn't think I would like it because it doesn't look full or long or anything. But this is all I need to get my double eyelid!!!! And because it doesn't have a lot of hair, it is actually easier to clean and longer lasting since there is no hair falling off during the cleaning process. Again, $2.
#5 is another package of 5 I got for $6.50. Not very natural looking, but kinda fun!! #6 is another pair of criss-cross I got for $2. It is shorter than #1. To the best of my knowledge, Daiso's falsies are all made of synthetic hair. And honestly they are not that long lasting, but they are reasonably priced. Some of them are not comfortable to wear, but they are cheap! So, whatever!
On Eki's blog, she had posted pictures of the June 2010 issue of Popteen. And on this issue, they did a review of the top 50 most popular falsies in Japan. But I can't read Japanese...judging from the picture and eki's comment, quite a few of Daiso's falsies made it into top 50! Can't wait for the June issue to be translated!!

Oh, and I have to add that most of the these falsies give me double eyelids easily.
Sometime in the future I will post picture of these lashes in action! Stay tuned.

Konad creation Spring 2010

so, here are some pictures of my konad creation!

Konad white nail polish with fauxnad plate <3 hello kitty

Konad white nail polish with konad plate M62

1st post!

hi everyone,

my name is jojo. i am 29 but most people think i look 23. eventho i act like i am surprise to hear that, i am not. i tried very hard to stay young and look good effortlessly. but we all know its not that easy! and for some (like me) it could take quite a bit of time! i don't ever want to stop getting carded at liquor stores =)

this is my second attempt on creating a blog. my first blog had a short life. i hope this blog will last longer. i hope blog about beauty, beauty products, tricks, fashion and healthy living.

stay tuned for more!