Friday, June 11, 2010

Double eyelids & falsies in action!

Hi everyone! I just want to show you guys some before & after pictures! Not before & after surgeries, thank you!
We don't need surgeries to beautify ourselves these days!!!

My eyes without any enhancement!

With make up ( picture from last year so please excuse the smokey look!)

With a little help:

I am using a crisscross style eyelashes I got from ebay - please see my new eyelashes haul

Here I am using a pair of eyelashes from Diaso
#3, the one in the middle of the picture from my i-heart-falsies post.

Here I am wearing Model 21 #4 (See my i-heart-falsies post). Still by far my favourite brand.

I know my natural eyelashes are visible in these pictures, slightly visible. This is because I don't use mascara to combine my real lashes with the falsies. I have very short and soft and light eyelashes naturally. And they are so weak that they don't like mascara (they told me!!!). So I don't use mascara after I've put on my falsies. Unless you zoom in to the picture or like hug me, no one can really tell that I have natural eyelashes...(yes its that bad). I remember when I was young I would tried every thing to make them curl up (so that they can look longer). My conclusion is that nothing work better than falsies.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eyelashes haul June

Sorry I have been MIA! But I did pick up some new eyelashes.

Lot # 1

This is a lot I bought from ebay. Like $8 US (including shipping) for the whole 40 pairs.... but! there is always a but, the eyelashes were only $3 and shipping was $5. But it is still cheap enough! So I thought sure I will give it a try.
I would not recommend it to anyone who is looking for something they would wear everyday. In fact these lashes can't be re-use due to the poor workmanship. The hair are not soft to begin with and they are not saw/wave into the band. So when I removed it form my eyelid, the hairs were falling off already. And I got 40 pairs in 4 different styles. Honestly I would only use 1 style out of the 4. I tried # 4, and I like the style. I will look for something like that in the future. I would use # 3. Maybe.
#1 and #2? No.

# 3

Here are the close up:

Lot # 2

Ok these are the good stuff! I got from ebay again.
They are Taiwanese handmade eyelashes. Apparently Taiwan is really famous for their handmade eyelashes.
They are about $12 to $15 each box and I paid about $2 bucks for shipping for each box.
But they are only $200 Taiwanese dollars in Taiwan...which is only like $8 here. Quite a mark up.
But I still got them because 1, I can't get them here; 2, still work out to be better than Diaso ($2 per pair) and drug store lashes ($5-$8). Both of the styles and brands I got are super fine and soft. Very very natural looking.

This is Princess Lee. Apparently they are the most famous and popular brand in Taiwan. Many Asian celebrities use it! I paid $15 per box. Crisscross 7 regular is shown:

This is JieMei eyelashes! They are very popular too! But not as popular as Princess Lee. But they are less expensive. Paid $12.
This is 715.

This is 728. Same style as 715 but slightly shorter and lighter.

The Taiwanese false eyelashes are usually handmade and almost every brand has styles called Crisscross 6,7,8 etc and 712, 715, 420. I guess they all named their styles the same. It makes it difficult for us oversea shoppers, because chances are the seller won't specify what brand they are on the auction. And there is no name on the box. I have heard of some fake Princess Lee eyelashes before.

I want to go to Taiwan to do some eyelashes shopping some days..........