Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Brushes

This month I've picked up a few new brushes from Sephora. And I want to show you guys some of my favourite brushes.

From Sephora, I present you Tarina Tarantino brush set $85 CDN i think ($69 US)

From top to bottom: Powder brush, Pigment brush, smudge brush, crease brush, eyeliner brush.
I absolutely love the powder brush, it is big, dense and extremely soft.
Pigment brush, I haven't try it yet since I am not a huge fan of pigments (yet)!
Smudge brush does a decent job. Dense and tight.
Crease brush does a great job like Mac 217.

From Sephora too, I present you Sephora Collection i.t. brush!

From top to bottom: Foundation brush, angled brush, concealer brush, medium shader brush.
I haven't used the foundation brush and the angled brush much yet.
THe concealer brush is really good. Just a little hard to clean. I had to use my Shu Uemura brush cleaner.
The medium shader is one of my favourite brush already! It is quite dense and always pick up a decent amount of powder.

From top to bottom: Armani foundation brush, Nars blush brush, Mac 263, Japanese eyebrow brush, Bare Essential pigment brush, Tarte eyeshadow brush, Sonia Kashun eyeliner brush & smudge brush
I love my Armani brush. Before I got the new Tarina Powder brush, I would use this brush for loose powder too, for better coverage. (maybe like $50)
Nars brush, I don't need to say more. It was one of my all time favourite. I had it for years. But I think it is not as dense as most of my other brush blush. And I like to use angled blush for brush now. But it is a good brush. Weighted good and always get the job done. (maybe like $60)
Mac 263, I used to use it with my gel liner. But ever since I got my hand of a bobbi brown eyeliner brush, I have been using the 263 for powder liner. And sometimes for my eyebrow. ($15ish)
Bare Essential eyeshadow brush came with the foil eye box set. It gets the job done, but I found that I have to clean like very often because it captures a lot of dust comparing to my other brushes.
Tarte double ended eyeshadow brush came with a palette. I love it a lot. It is very soft. Good for not so precise eye makeup, since the brush is kinda big.
Sonia Kashun brushes! I love them! They are definitely good value. Got them from Target. I made sure I go check out their Sonia Kashun section every time I go to Target. The white one came with a travel set.

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